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a) APPLICATIONS AND PAYMENTS: 1) The price and / or booking of services that make up the tour are subject to change without notice when a disruption in services, changes in costs or types of intended change occurs, for causes not attributable to the parties. 2) All amounts paid before the final confirmation of services are perceived as reservation. The final confirmation of the respective services and prices will occur with the ticketing and / or orders of services and billing. 3) The credit operations must meet the requirements set for them. Failing the applicant must complete the payment of balances in the terms and conditions set forth in the contract.

b) PRICES INCLUDE: accommodation in the hotels mentioned in the itineraries or others of equal or higher category, occupying single, double, triple, etc. According chosen fare, with private bathroom and taxes. Meal as indicated at every opportunity. Visits and excursions mentioned. Transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels, where noted. The number of days of accommodation considering that the day of hotel accommodation is computed from fifteen hours and ends at midnight the following day, regardless of the time of arrival and departure and full or fractional use thereof . The duration of the tour will be indicated in each case taking the first day, departure and including the day of last output destination, regardless of the time of departure or arrival on the first day or last.

c) SERVICES OR ITEMS NOT INCLUDED: 1) Extras, drinks, laundry, tips, airport taxes, taxes on services, VAT and other taxes current and / or future, or any service that is not expressly stated in the order Service issued by the travel agent. 2) Stays, meals and / or additional expenses or damages resulting from cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of means of transport, or outside the company unforeseen reasons. 3) Food route, except those expressly included in the programs. 4) Expenses and interests in credit transactions.

d) LIMITATION THE RIGHT TO REMAIN: The company reserves the right to leave the tour at any point of any passenger whose behavior, way of acting, health or other serious reasons to believe the company cause danger or inconvenience to other passengers or may spoil the success of the tour or the normal development of it.

and) BIBLIOGRAPHY: For overseas travel is necessary to attend the current legislation in each case. It is inexcusable responsibility of the agency reliably and well in advance of the requirements demanded by immigration authorities, customs and health of the destinations included in the tour report is the sole responsibility of the passenger to have personal documentation required by the authorities mentioned above.

f) CANCELLATIONS: 1) In case of withdrawal of credit transactions will not refund the amounts paid by way of report, administrative costs, sealed and interests. 2) In the case of withdrawal affecting services firm hired by the agency, reimbursement thereof shall be subject to contractual conditions under which they serve their respective companies. In all reimbursement cases, the agency may retain the price of costs incurred plus commission of ten percent of the services contracted with third parties.

g) TRANSPORT NO REGULAR OR CHARTER: rules prescribed in the preceding paragraph. Nonetheless, in these cases only the proportion of the terrestrial services (hotel, pension, excursions) determined by the organizer according to the operating mode with providers of services price will be refunded. To make this valid clause shall be determined at the first document delivered to the passenger transport quality.

h) ASSIGNMENT AND TRANSFER: the law that gives the customer the contract for tourist services may be assigned or transferred to others until 30 days before departure, if not precluded by the requirements of the carrier, hotelier or provider of services. In cases that passengers are different ages (over-under), the price will be adjusted according tariff. In all cases of assignment or transfer, the company may receive the premium of 10% of the agreed amount.

i) LIABILITY: 1) The company expressly declares that acts on the character of intermediary in the booking or hiring of the different services linked and included in the respective tour or service reservation: hotels, restaurants, means of transport or other providers. Nevertheless the responsibilities of the company is to intervene as organizer or intermediary, will be determined under the provisions of the International Convention Relating to Travel Contract approved by Law No. 19,918. 2) The company is not responsible for the events that occur by accident or force majeure, climatic events or acts of nature occurring before or during the tour that prevent, delay or otherwise impede the full or partial execution benefits committed by the company, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

j) ALTERATIONS OR MODIFICATIONS: 1) The company reserves the right, for technical or operational reasons, to alter all or part daily system and / or services that make up the tour, before or during execution. 2) Unless expressly provided otherwise, the stipulated hotels could be changed by another of equal or higher grade within the same urban center without charge for the passenger. For these variations the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation. 3) The company may cancel any tour when some of the circumstances contemplated in section 24 configure Decree No. 2182/72. 4) Once begun the journey, suspension, modification or interruption of services by the passenger for personal reasons of any kind will not give rise to any claim, redemption or refund.

k) ARBITRATION CLAUSE: Any issue arising in connection with the conclusion, performance, breach, extension or termination of this contract may be submitted by the parties to the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Argentina Association of Travel and Tourism / or arbitration tribunals operating in its Regional. If subjection of such jurisdiction, the contractors are clamped and give as accepted all the conditions laid down by the arbitral Tribunal Rules.

l) RULES OF APPLICATION: This contract and if the provision of services shall be governed exclusively by these general conditions, by Law No. 18,829 and its regulation and the Brussels Convention adopted by Law 19.918. The general conditions along with the remaining documentation that is delivered to passengers make up the Travel Contract in the said Convention.

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