Tandem Jump

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Our tandem jump allows you to feel the thrill of free-fall while you are connected to one of our instructors.  It is performed on the fantastic view of the Itaipu dam.

Duration: plan to spend around 3 hours with the tour, including transportation out and back.  It takes 15 minutes to reach the altitude where the jump is performed: 16 thousand feet.  The duration of the fall is about 7 minutes, 30 seconds of free-fall.

Photos and video available.

Reservations: for your convenience a deposit must be done to validate the reservation.  The rest of the amount must be paid at time of check in on the day of your jump.

Every days, subject to weather conditions and to a minimum of 3 people in the same takeoff.  Jump parachute depends on the weather.  If the conditions are not perfect, your tandem jump may take a little longer.  If the jump does not occur due to the bad weather, your deposit will be returned.  You can also change the date of your booking to another day, if there is availability.

Opening hours: it runs throughout the year, every day from 8am until sunset.

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